Our Butlers (and Models) are the most visible element of the events that we deliver across the UK - and so we go to great lengths so that we only accept individuals at the top of their profession with the vital combination of talents and attributes that keep them there:-

These skills are equally important to our Models of course.

OUR Butlers MUST have a background in and experience of leading events - as they might be asked to:-

Delivering a CLASSY, if a little “Risque” and “Tongue in Cheek” focus to your socialising, our Butlers are the talking point of any event they attend - and social conversation LONG after your event has closed and all gone home!

Our MALE Butlers can be booked for your event in one of three uniforms to match the needs of your event.

Click here for details of our “BUBBLY”

Please use this link to see more about having Bubbly with your event

Our Butlers Aren't (all) “Mr Universe” but they are all GREAT Butlers, and experts at their jobs!

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want a Female or Male BUTLER for your event! You may decide that you would like one of each -  obviously higher fees will be charged here.

For Male Butlers, you can choose the uniforms (see below) our female Butlers choose their own.

We are happy to cater for LGBTI Events as well - please let us know prior so that we can ensure suitable Butler(s) for youYou can choose a Female Butler for your event

Being a BUTLER (for us) is about far more than standing around in a skimpy uniform in front of a group of strangers.

It is far more about presenting a dynamic, bubbly host / hostess for the event to help it run smoothly ensuring a FUN, MEMORABLE social event for the group. Please note though that in no way do we deliver “EROTIC or “EXOTIC” events or activities!

You might like to combine your social event including a Butler(s) with a Life Drawing session -  directly prior  to, or following the Butlering. Just chat to us for details / advice.

Our FEMALE Butlers have a range of costumes that suit them and their “bubbly” personalities - you can scroll through some examples to the right.

Black Trousers / Apron, Shoes, Bow Tie, White Collar & Cuffs

Black Apron / Bow Tie White Collar & Cuffs

Black Waist Coat, Trousers, Shoes, Bow Tie, Collar & Cuffs

Uniform No 1

Uniform No 2

Uniform No 3

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If you’d like to apply to us as a BUTLER (Male or Female) visit our contacts page to see how you can best get in touch.  

Please use this link to navigate to the contact page of this web site.

We need a brief CV with your relevant experience and TWO recent photographs:-    

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Life Drawing & Butlering Events

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Our BUTLER / LIFE DRAWING events are in no way EROTIC or ADULT activities.

They are however GREAT FUN & MEMORABLE social events.

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