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Tel: +44(0)1793 485 150  Mob:+44(0)7769 694 994 Hen And Stag me uk
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Across the UK - Indoor or Out - our expert models/tutors ensure a superb event is delivered. Our models are often able to personalise their poses with items relevent to the brides intended - as here with That Hat. Strong, dynamic poses are at the heart of our events. As part of our sessions, we encourage all the Hens to study their model closely - but ..... We encourage a Party Atmosphere at all our events - as can be seen at this event in the Cotswolds  Mixed Gender Groups are not a bar to having fun and Gay Groups are a speciality of ours. We cater for all levels of artistic experiene and interest - from Expert to downright learner. A typical City Centre Venue for one of our group of Happy Hens Gay Groups are a speciality of ours. Expert and Talented Male or Female models to suit

About Us:-

We aren't simply a “General Entertainment Agency” We are a group of 3, experienced Life Models with over 65 years of experience between us who manage teams of Models / Tutors in the THREE Regions of the UK - for which we are individually responsible.

Since 2002, we’ve successfully arranged / delivered thousands of Life Drawing Events for the majority of the Hen / Stag Agencies, for Corporate Clients and for Straight, Gay / Mixed Hen and now Stag groups across the UK.

Our success in supplying these events is due to many factors - stemming from our intimate and detailed knowledge of the requirements of this much misunderstood Art Form and Activity.

Our 3 skilled regional administrators look after teams of skilled & talented Models / Tutors in their own areas - drawing on the resources of the Register of Artists’ Models (RAM) to provide an unparalleled level of skill, talent and success to the events that we deliver week in - week out across the UK.


We provide a complete package - “City Centre“, or provided that it is suitable - we are delighted to travel to your venue (please ask for details).

 The Full Package:-

We are set up to provide Fun, Entertaining and Informative Life Drawing (Hen / Stag and Corporate) events around the UK.

Our teams of Skilled, Talented & Experienced Tutors/Models, will reliably deliver YOUR event from (London)Derry to Lowestoft!

SUITABLE, Talented, Experienced Models are the corner stone of the service that we deliver across the UK.

Our extensive experience in this rapidly expanding field of “infotainment” has enabled us to maintain our high position in the the market - successfully supplying parties to individuals and the majority of the agencies around the UK.

We provide you with a FULL service and deliver everything that you will need to experience a truly enjoyable and totally unforgettable event:-

Gay, Straight or Mixed groups are all catered for by our exceptional and entertaining modelsBack to top
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